Problem Solved or just another Problem here?!

Since my PC is not working at all (as mentioned on my previous post), I need to find ways for me to continue my blogging career. Not only my blogging career, but also my career in my studies! XD

So I thought of borrowing a laptop from our old neighbor who is now living a little bit far from our residence. I asked my mom to talk with her (yeah! this friendly neighbor which I am talking about is a girl) and ask if she can lend her laptop to me.

On my mom's first attempt to borrow the laptop, she, or we... failed! Why?! This friendly neighbor said that she needs the laptop for school works. And so, i got depressed!

But after two days, my mom told me upon my arrival from school that the laptop is now ready for me. Yeah, that was great! So early next morning, I went there and got the laptop. Oh I forgot to say, it's an Acer Travelmate 2420 Series.

Here's how it looks like (but of course, not as new as this one):

After getting the laptop, I hurried going home to start doing my pending jobs.

As I opened the laptop, I saw that the number 3 key is detached from the keyboard! WTF! I tried to fix it but no matter how hard I try to attach it again, I see no way of fixing this. So I just said, "Isa lang naman ito, pwede ng copy and paste na lang."

Here comes the worst part of this! As Is started typing words and phrases, WTF! Keys M, Shift, Left Arrow, and the worst thing: SPACE BAR is not working!!!

I got depressed once again being in this kind of situation. How unlucky!

So therefore, I conclude, that my problem is not yet solved. This is just another problem for me!