UFC 92: Griffin VS Evans Replay Video

The UFC 92 or the Ultimate 2008 is the hottest and most-awaited Ultimate Fighting Championship this year. The match of Forrest Griffin VS his number one contender, Rashad Evans will be the highlight of this event. I'm sure you don't want to miss this event so don't forget to Watch UFC 92 Live Online. But if you will be very busy and you will not be able to watch it live, you can still watch UFC 92 Replay Video to see the match of Griffin and Evans.

For more details about the UFC 92 event, click on this link.

xerafhica is now back to blogging

After quite a long time of vacation in blogging, I am glad to inform you that xerafhica is now back and ready to rock the blogosphere again.

I would just like to thank all those people who really waited for me and for those who truly missed me. I'm glad to know if that is so, and I also feel the same.

That's all for now, this is just to inform you guys. Thanks and see yah on my next blog entries.

Watch The Day The Earth Stood Still Movie Online

The Day The Earth Stood Still Movie will be on cinemas starting December 12, 2008. Starring Keanu Reeves, this movie will reinvent the old original 1951 movie with likely the same story - Alien coming to Earth which will cause a great upheaval.

If you would like to Watch The Day The Earth Stood Still Movie Online for Free, well, it is not yet available online. Maybe you need to wait for a month of a few weeks before that thing will be possible.

Check out more information about the movie on this site.

Pacquiao VS De La Hoya Live Video Streaming

Watch the Dream Match: Manny Pacquiao VS Oscar De La Hoya Live Online Via Video Streaming for FREE!

Here are the links for the FREE Video Streaming