Living in a Dormitory: YES or NO

Recently, I was thinking of living in a dormitory near the university where I am studying since living miles away from my school is really a burden. During the first semester, I feel comfortable travelling 3 hours a day from our house to school and vice versa but now, things become difficult for me. It is really tiring now to travel but I have listed down all the possible causes why I am feeling this way not like before and I found out that certain health conditions hinder me to do what I use to do before.

This semester, lack of sleep is my primary health problem. I need to wake up at around 4a.m. since my class starts at 7a.m. and I usually sleep at 11p.m. until 12 midnight due to some reasons like school works to finish and online stuff to comply. The effect, I always feel sleepy during the class and in fact, my professor caught me twice while sleeping. So, lack of sleep means lack of energy to struggle in my everyday life as a college student. Lack of energy means I would easily get tired thus, affecting my daily routine especially in traveling.

As of now, I have two things in mind that could help me in this problem. First, I need to rejuvenate this coming vacation and get enough sleeping hours in a day for me to gain more energy. If this will be successful, I will be strong enough to travel again everyday from Novaliches to UST. The second one is to rent a dormitory nearby and stay there during weekdays. This is if just in case I fail on my first option. But living in a dormitory is costly and I need to adjust on the first few days.

But I would rather to choose the first one since I really want to rejuvenate and bring back the goodness of health I had before.