A Foolish Act to Test a Relationship

Single?! Then you might not be interested about this matter. Go! But if you're now a fan of the publisher, then continue reading.

This one is somewhat necessary for those who are in a relationship. But I think even those singles will have a fun time reading this another non-sense post coming from my clever but naughty mind.

Let me start with this question, "How sure are you that you're partner is very loyal in your relationship?!" 50? 75? 100? or 101% sure?!

That question seems to be annoying for some but others might start thinking with their answer as soon as they hear those words. But in my case, I am not asking using that kind of question, instead I am asking someone(particularly men) this way: "Can I get your girlfriend's mobile number?!" WTF!

I know by this time you'll start wondering why am I asking like of that. Why?! Simply because I want to test the loyalty within their relationship. Of course I am not going to destroy their relationship, I will be on too much trouble when that thing happens. But how am I going to test their relationship, their loyalty in particular using that kind of technique?!

Here's how the foolish test goes:
I'll ask someone (my friend of course, I might get punched if not!) to give me his girlfriend's mobile number. Of course they will ask me why (unless this person is such a foolish creature) am I asking for their girlfriend's mobile number. Then I'm going to tell them that I just want to test how loyal their girlfriends are. I'm going to text them and invite them for some meet ups or even a date. Where's the test?! Of course, we'll going to see if their girlfriends will tell them immediately about me or not.

So far, most of those men whom I asked for didn't give their girlfriend's mobile number. I'm wondering why, is it because they don't trust their girlfriends or they are just afraid to lose their girlfriends by the time those girls see me?! Got it?! XD

But there was a brave one who was willing to give his girlfriend's mobile number and even challenged me if I could win over him. Well I guess his girlfriend is really loyal and loves him so much(oh crap!). Of course I didn't accept the challenge, his willingness is enough to prove how strong their relationship is.

So, are you going to be like me and try this one?! If so, then good luck! Just tell me if someone loses his girlfriend because of this foolish tactic.