Hanging Out with David Blaine

What's David Blaine up to?! Simple. Just hanging around somewhere else in New York. Where exactly?! Just above the Wollman Ice Rink at the New York's Central Park!

I said above. Yeah! Exactly. Another stunt delivered from this famous 35 year old illusionist and daredevil. After previously spending 72 hours encased in ice, 44 days without food in a plexiglass box, a week under the water, and been buried alive, David Blaine successfully is now taking his hardest challenge of hanging for 60 hours above the Wollman Ice Rink.

He started his three-day challenge last Monday and would probably be finished by tommorow, Wednesday, in which can be considered as his hardest and toughest challenge ever.

"This is the most difficult for sure. The others, you could get into them soon after the start, but this one is tough from the get-go," Blaine said after being lowered to head level for an interview.

He was attached at the torso and at two steel clips linking his boots to the wire. For two nights and three hot early autumn days he will neither eat or sleep. Wow!

The trick echoes Blaine's great hero Harry Houdini, the legendary escapologist of the late 19th and early 20th century, who amazed New York crowds by hanging upside down from skyscrapers and cranes.

Amazing! 60 hours, nearly 3 days with no food and sleep... Can anyone survive with that situation?! Yes. Hopefully David Blaine!

Watch this Raw video about this article which I grabbed from YouTube!