Secondhand Serenade visits Novaliches!

Are you an emo?! Check your hair. Not actually like that, but check you wrist. Is there any cut?! Well if you're not, I am not forcing you to be one of those emotionally broken persons for you to understand this another foolish thought of mine.

So, have you ever heard of the band called Secondhand Serenade?! Well I guess my friends who are somewhat considered to be neophytes of this emotic society knows a lot of songs coming from this band.

Let me give you some emotic lines of those songs:
"And it's true I can't go on without you" -Vulnerable
"'Coz I was born to tell you I love you!" -Your Call
"I'll give you my heart on a string" - Awake
"If you leave me tonight, I'll wake up alone" -Stay Close, Don't Go

Want to know more about Secondhand Serenade?! Then I'll give you more.

The common mistake of people about this band is regarding with its number of members. I asked my friends if for them, how many band members are present. Most of them answered me 5, and some 4. But the fact is, there is only actually 1 member of this band. Know him?! I'll give you the name behind those hits. It's John Vesely.

Secondhand Serenade already released two albums since 2007. First was its debut album entitled Awake(February 6, 2007) and the latest album released last February 19, 2008 - A Twist in My Story.

So having this kind a bit knowledge about this band, you'll be wondering about the Post Title. "Secondhand Serenade visits Novaliches!" Where the hell is that place?!

Okay. So you may find it impossible for such a kind of music icon to visit Novaliches. Definitely! But what's the sense of the title?! This post is filed under "Foolish Thoughts" so expect something like that as I go on with this.

Surely, the title is not true! But something happened which was likely the same of saying that the band really visited Novaliches. What is this?!

On the way home on one September night with my two friends who are listening with the same music genre with me, we encountered this funny sound trip of our fellow countrymen popularly known as Dodong. As we were walking, suddenly we heard this song with these words: "'Coz tonight will be the night that I will for you, over again don't let me change my mind..." Oh crap!

That was the first time that I heard such genre of song in that place. All I can hear before were RNB's and Hiphop songs. Sounds amazing anyway!

I don't think Flo Rida will be happy with this. Why?! He is dominating in the huge stereo speakers in the town with his hit - Low,Low,Low,Low,Low,Low,Low,Low!