X-Play in partnership with EA Games, brings NBA Street Online in the country

Good news for all the NBA fanatics out there! NBA Street Online is now in the country.

As I was browsing for the latest informations in the gaming world, I saw this article from Manila Bulletin online written by Joel D. Pinaroc about the partnership of X-Play with EA Games to bring the NBA Street Online in the Philippines.

Here's the full article about the news:

RP gaming firm seals deal with US-based EA spacer


Local gaming company X-Play has completed an exclusive partnership deal with US gaming giant Electrtronic Arts Inc. (EA) to bring the popular National Basketball Association (NBA) franchise to Filipino online gamers.

X-Play, the joint venture of gaming publisher IP E-Game Ventures, and technology company GMA New Media Inc., also announced NBA STREET Online, the NBA-inspired game that is predicted to become one of the top titles for X-Play.

The company, in a press conference last week, said NBA STREET Online is a real-time online midsession game of EA’s phenomenally popular NBA franchise games series, featuring fast-paced street basketball action with today’s biggest NBA superstars, all in true-to-life detail.

Under the licence from EA, X-Play will provide marketing, community management, customer and technical support, and other valuable services as the operator of NBA STREET Online in the Philippines.

"This is a collaboration amongst giants to bring a monumental title to the Philippines. EA, as the top game developer worldwide, and X-Play, the joint venture between IPVG and GMA7, will launch one of the biggest mid-session gaming titles to ever hit the country. With our large gaming base and mass media vehicles, this killer content will transform the industry," Enrique Y. Gonzalez, CEO of IPVG Corp., mother company of IP EGames, said.

X-Play has also demoed a playable version of the online game, although it will take a few more months before the game is launched commercially in the Philippines.

According to Steve Tsao, IP E-Games president, the companies will also gearing up with a grand launch, with the possibility of bringing in "real" NBA superstars in a grand launch.

The executive said the game will be released in a "few months" and that the playable version, which is in Korean, is currently being fine-tuned prior to the commercial launch.

For his part, Judd Gallares, president and COO of GMA-NMI, said "having already the top casual games in the dance and music genre under its belt, I have no doubt that X-Play will take gaming on to the next level with NBA STREET Online."

NBA STREET Online is larger-than-life gameplay to the playground and allows up to six gamers to simultaneously compete in an over-the-top 3-on-3 online experience, according to executives.

"We are very thrilled and excited to have Philippines on our roadmap for NBA STREET Online. Strategic partnership is the key to success for EA and we are happy to work with one of the best players in the industry to bring this successful franchise to all our Pinoy gamers and basketball fans," Jon Niermann, president of EA Asia Pacific, said.

NBA STREET Online blends customization, convenience, and community in a fun to play mid-session game.

It features unique online elements that are designed specifically for the multiplayer experience these include matchmaking and individual player customization.

"NBA STREET Online will allow Filipinos to immerse themselves in the phenomenal basketball franchise and experience what millions of other game players worldwide are enjoying," Mark Fischer, SVP for NBA, North Asia said.

NBA STREET Online is co-developed by EA Canada and Seoul-based Neowiz Games Corporation.