Prostitution Den: Just Beside the Police Station and Barangay Hall

What are these police personnels doing with their precinct?! As well as these barangay officials who were elected for the betterment of their community?!

Have you ever gone to the town of Novaliches in Quezon City?! Well I guess you are familiar with this place as seen on television news. This place experienced an evident change since Mayor Sonny "SB" Belmonte became the city mayor. Before, there are no concrete fences located at the sidewalks but now, the town proper is surrounded with these stuffs to prevent street and vehicular accidents.
*I'm going to upload a photo of this one soon.

Not only SB did well in the development of the town but also Congresswoman Annie "Rosa" Susano who is really a very good representative. She already finished her projects of constructing public school buildings in which, one of those was named after her. Aside from these, an overpass was constructed for the citizens. ( I will have a follow-up post about this overpass soon )
*Photos will be uploaded soon

So, with these Public Officials, we can infer that there is really a huge difference between the Novaliches of the past and the Novaliches of the present.

Yes! Indeed, there is!

One of the major contributions of Mayor SB in the town is what we call the "SB Plaza". This is a multi-purpose complex which is commonly used for town events. It features a large fountain at the middle.

Here comes the bad part of this plaza and the setup of the location. The SB Plaza is located just right beside the Novaliches Police Precinct which is connected to Novaliches Town Proper Barangay Hall. Knowing this location setup, we can therefore say that the place is safe from any harm or violence.

Ironically, the SB Plaza becomes a Prostitution Den at night.

Let me share my personal encounter with this:

One night when I was walking on my way home, I passed through the plaza. As I was walking on the center, there are three girls who were walking in front of me and as they came closer, one of them said, "Hi kuya!" with a touch in my arms! WTF!!

One another night, I was also walking on my way home, a girl who was still wearing her school uniform blocked my way for at least 3 seconds. I didn't do anything just to avoid any problem, but after that, I just laughed at her who seemed to be a desperate one.

This is the worst thing ever happened to me when I was at the mystical plaza:
It was about 5 in the afternoon when I was walking on my home when a little girl (I think she's only 10 years old) who, I recognized as a Muslim because of her speaking style grabbed me saying, "Kuya, halika sumama ka sa akin! May ibebenta ako sa iyo magandang babae mura lang! Halika na!" WTF!! I told her, "AYOKO!!!" but she was still holding my arms forcing me to go with her.

It is very annoying to stay in this kind of place. What makes me mad about this is that, where are these policemen?! Are they doing their job or they are regular customers of this bunch of prostitutes?! The barangay officials are also the same, they are doing nothing about this thing. How pathetic!

So if anybody here who is interested of fixing this problem, please help me. I have a plan of reporting this to the Kapamilya Show, XXX. If anybody here knows how to do so, contact me using the form below.