2008 Beijing Olympics: Game Over

After 16 competitive days for the Olympians, the 2008 Beijing Olympics came to a close yesterday, August 24 with a ceremony and celebration at the National Stadium. Awardings of 302 gold medals & countless achievements made by the world's greatest athletes took place during the closing ceremony of XXIX Olympiad.

Here are the Top 10 Countries:

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If you want to see the full medal list of the participating countries, click this link.

Missed the 2008 Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony?! Below are some websites in which you can download the videos of the Closing Ceremony. Enjoy!

2008 Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony
Beijing Olympics 2008 Closing Ceremony Replay
Beijing Olympics 2008 Closing Ceremony Full Replay Video
Beijing Olympics 2008 Closing Ceremony Live Online Video
Closing Ceremony Video of the 2008 Beijing Olympics
Olympics Beijing 2008 Closing Ceremony Video Download