New SONY Laptops offer security and reliability

Sony Philippines, Inc., the local unit of Japanese electronics giant Sony, recently launched its newest batch of notebook computers, aimed at boosting the company’s foothold on the business segment of the market.

Sony introduced its Sony VAIO Z, FW and SR series aimed at providing uncompromising mobility for its users while providing stylish laptops that are packed with impressive features.

"These Sony series represent a significant evolution in our offering to the business market," Komei Nosaka, the company’s Senior Sales Manager told reporters.

"We are constantly responding to what the market is telling us. Professional end users know what they need for their businesses: security, reliability and mobility. We provide the best of these features and functionality, all wrapped in a beautiful design," he added.

When it was first launched, VAIO (Video Audio Integrated Operation) was identifiable for its unique design as well as its audio-visual and IT capabilities.

"Now we are re-introducing the VAIO as the Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer. We want it to be also known for how it easily becomes part of one’s lifestyle," Mr. Nosaka said. "Engineered to understand our customers, the VAIO is now closer to them," he added.

The Sony VAIO Z is a definitive notebook for busy executives who are always on the go. The laptop has a 13.1-inch display, and weighs under 1.5 kilograms, thanks to its scratch-proof, carbon fiber casing.

"Carbon fiber is 30% lighter than traditional computer construction materials. As one would expect from a material that is more commonly used in aviation and Formula One, it is also 200% stronger," Sony VAIO marketing officer Zhorida Lipayon said.

The Sony VAIO Z’s battery life can be extended to over five hours with the Stamina Mode switch, which allows the user to prolong battery life by selecting a user interface with lesser graphics.

Meanwhile, the Sony VAIO FW is the company’s first laptop model capable of playing Blu-Ray discs. Like a widescreen, high definition TV, the 1600 x 900 resolution of the 16.4-inch display of the Sony VAIO FW promises crystal-clear videos.

"Since many films are shot with a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, this extra-wide LCD is constructed with the same dimensions to ensure you don’t miss an inch of the original picture," Ms. Lipayon said.

"With this added horizontal real estate, you can view movies in their intended format while minimizing or eliminating those annoying black bars," she added.

Aside from the impressive video quality, the Sony VAIO FW boasts a superb audio system. Its Dolby Sound Room Audio recreates sound quality reminiscent of a small theater.

"Built with a 5.1-channel surround sound effect for your headphones, it makes watching a movie with a truly cinematic experience," Ms. Lipayon said.

Finally, Sony introduced its VAIO SR series. With its cylindrical hinge design and wafer-thin crystal-clear display, the VAIO SR Series notebook is astonishingly compact, weighing under two kilograms.

Powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processors are backed up with two gigabytes of high-speed system memory.

"The Sony VAIO SR also features a unique ’Switch’ function, which lets you change the whole personality of the notebook at the touch of a button. This means you can switch from a customized personal desktop to a serious, professional look and feel," Ms. Lipayon said.

The Sony VAIO Z has a suggested retail price of P109,990; the Sony VAIO SR costs P89,990; the Sony VAIO FW with a two-gigabyte memory costs P89,990; and the four-gigabyte version costs P159,990.

source: J.O. Valisno, BusinessWorld | GMANews.TV