PDA Finds No Restricted Place

Have you ever heard of PDA?! Yeah, I know there are many things which stand for PDA. For some, PDA means Philippines Dental Association. For the techies, PDA is for Personal Digital Assistant. But what does this PDA really stands for?!

PDA, according to the Filipinos, stands for Public Display of Affection. This is also a common attitude to Filipinos, more specifically to lovers. Holding of hands, embracing, kissing, and the like which are done in public are considered forms of PDA. Though these are all common and natural gestures between lovers, doing these in public or public places results to PDA.

PDA cannot be only viewed negatively. We all know that this is very evident, especially holding each other’s hand which is considered to be nothing new. But Filipinos at present time do more than this. And this kind of situation seems to be very annoying. Worst of this, it seems that they are on their own like nobody’s around to watch them.

“I’ll kiss you on your neck, people stare but we won’t care!”

Let me have another story sharing showing an inappropriate and very annoying PDA.

One of the hot days in June, my friends and I decided to meet at a certain mall to have fun. I arrived at the mall late in the afternoon and I was waiting for my friends to come. I stayed outside a well-known bookstore inside the mall to wait. In front of the bookstore, escalators are located. After a few minutes, one of my friends came and by that time, I was not alone. While waiting for the other, we looked around the mall to see if someone who was expected was coming. Surprisingly, as we looked upon the escalator, we saw a couple standing with the guy facing the girl. To our surprise of what they were doing, we just laughed while staring at them. Know what?! The guy was kissing and licking the ears of the girl. How disgusting!

Aside from this, there are many other situations which I often see in different places showing a rampant negative PDA. It may be in malls, park, plazas, and even in schools. It is really very annoying to see those things in public. They may do these things at the proper time and place but not in places where there are numerous people who can see them doing such foolish acts.

For me, the best thing that you can do whenever you will encounter such situation, is to stare at them and when they notice you looking at them, all you’re going to do is to laugh! XD