Spoofs Unlimited: Simple Things, Big Mistakes

Filipinos are Filipinos.

We may not be good speakers of foreign languages but we have to be the experts in when it comes to our own language. But if you're going to look at the photos taken below, you will notice that....
"English or Filipino, sablay pa rin tayo!"

Top 4:

Can you understand the rules of the Beach Resort?! Or it would be better to ignore those?!

Top 3:

Close-Open..Close-Open..Close-Open ng Close-Open

Top 2:

IHI LANG PO! Bawal Ang Poo!! Pooh!

Top 1:

Wowser! How much is that f****** Ded Shit?!

Aside from these ones posted above, I have seen several mistakes which can be found on simple things only. Yet simple, Filipinos seem to have a hard time putting this things on the right place.

Next time I see those things again, I'm going to take a picture right away (that is if my cellphone memory is not full) and post it here.

Special thanks to the photographers and uploaders!