Another Reason to Continue Fighting

Willie Revillame of Wowowee and Joey de Leon of Eat Bulaga are still not yet finished with their seemingly endless dispute in the show business. The rivalry of the two started several years ago for being the hosts of the noontime shows of their respective TV Stations.

For the information of anybody else about the recent Coca-Cola contest issue, what happened there was a mistake of the contestant. After winning the game, well of course, there was a thanksgiving period but surprisingly, the contestant said thanks to Eat Bulaga which caused the disappointment of the nootime show host. Then a dispute between the two started again.

Here is the video:

Yet unfinished with the recent issue about the Coca-Cola Contest in Wowowee, here comes a new issue regarding Pokwang - Willie Revillame’s noontime co-host.

During a show of Joey de Leon together with Vic Sotto at Los Angeles. whose video was uploaded to YouTube, they made a somewhat stand-up comedy program. In that program, Joey sang a song which was about Pokwang. He described Pokwang as an “Aswang”(supernatural creature in the Philippines, likely similar to a monster) in the song.

Joey De Leon’s version of the John Lennon hit “Imagine” during their show in Los Angeles.
“Imagine there’s no 7, wala ng network war.
wala na ang Kapuso, remake ng Marimar
Imagine wala ng Bubble Gang every friday.
Imagine Mike Enriquez, walang excuse me po
No Dyesebel to watch and no more Gobingo
Imagine no more Idol, no Saksi and Sis.
At wala ng Dramarama, Channel 2’s the only one
Makikita araw araw ay mukha lang ni Pokwang.
Makikita araw araw ay mukha lang ng Aswang.
Imagine that situation, I wonder if you can
We need some girls like Marianne,
not girls who look like men.”

Now, as the major host in the noontime show, Willie Revillame defended Pokwang about what Joey did. During the Wowowee Episode last Monday(August 18), Willie said his arguments regarding the matter. He was very much disappointed to the insult of Joey to his co-host. Pokwang was crying that time while Willie was talking about her and Pokwang’s daughter. Because of what had happened in the U.S. program, Pokwang’s daughter became the center of insult in their school. Her classmates was teasing her that her mother is an Aswang, and this is not a good situation for Pokwang who works hard just to sustain the needs of her daughter.

Throughout that segment in Wowowee which lasted for several minutes, Willie Revillame defended Pokwang and his other co-hosts. He said, “Hangga’t nandito ako, walang pwedeng gumalaw sa inyo….”

Well for me, honestly, I prefer watching Kapamilya Shows especially Wowowee but this would not give me a good reason to support the side of the Kapamilya hosts. I’m not saying that I’m with the side of Joey de Leon because he was the one who started this problem. Definitely he was wrong for what he did and I think that he admit it.

But the weak point here especially in the side of Pokwang is that they are in the show business, specifically, comedy business. They use to make fun and jokes of other people in order to bring laughter, and they do this of course, for a living. So each one of them in the comedy business should know what are the essentials of being a comedian. Being in the world of comedy show business should require confidence the acceptance of what is being said because basically, all words here are just jokes (I don’t know for some).

One more thing is about how Willie Revillame reacted with the situation. He should have think first that he is also doing such things like what Joey did. Maybe he thought of this one but he became very sympathetic especially to Pokwang’s daughter and as the major show host.

Now, I think they have to do their own ways in order to solve this problem (but I don’t think so for this has been a long-term issue eversince). There are only two things which I want Joey de Leon to do, that is to apologize and, next time, think first before doing such as an action.

Click on the link to watch the video Wowowee's August 18 Episode where Willie Revillame defended Pokwang:

Willie Revillame defends Pokwang