Talking about "SIPSIP"

“SIPSIP” – This is common to Filipinos especially those who are in search for a higher authority. Or maybe, just to keep in close contact with a higher authority for a sellfish desire.
But what does this “SIPSIP” really mean?!

This is not the way of drinking using a straw! We’re talking about the attitude common to Filipinos.
To understand further what does “SIPSIP” mean, read this acronym that best describes this attitude:
Some Insecure Persons, Seeking Instant Promotion

After reading the acronym above, you can clearly understand what does this attitude mean and why do some Filipinos are like this. There are actually many forms of “SIPSIP”, depending on the situation and the need for this. This may be seen in school, at work, and the like.

Let me share to you a real life experience of being a victim of “SIPSIP”

When I was still a 3rd grader in a certain public school in Quezon City, “SIPSIP” is rampant especially when examination days are soon to come. I wonder why I can see parents of some students walking along the corridor as if they were looking for someone for something. Well I guess we’re not in Nursery to have our parents stay to watch us. Then I became curious about this, I really want to know what’s going on with this. Until one of my classmates told me about this ‘custom’ in public schools(it was my first time to study in a public school). He told me that the parents are there because they have something for the teachers. But why?! Is there any occasion?! Definitely, none! They just want to bribe the teachers(though that was not a direct bribery) for the sake of their children. Got it?! The parents are giving something to the teachers like foods, native items, and more. For what?! In exchange, the teachers are somewhat forced( because of the ‘bribe’) to give the students higher grades.

Why do I consider myself as a victim?!I am a consistent honor student. During that time, I ranked 2nd. Why?! Because I didn’t have anything for my teachers! XD It was really unfair for me who worked hard to have high grades being only the 2nd in our class due to “SIPSIP”. Ouch!

Well I guess you now have a clear understanding about this “SIPSIP”. So better beware, be an observant and have the guts to take them down.