"Sangandaan", not "Isa Lang"

I would like to share a very short story or most probably an anecdote which took place this morning when I was on my way to school.

It was about 9:00 in the morning when this story happened. I rode in a jeepney going to Blumentritt from Novaliches. After a while, someone entered the vehicle and when I looked upon this person, I knew exactly that he was a gay. At first, I can notice him staring at me (he was just sitting right beside me) but I just ignored him. After an approximately 1 kilometer ride, he brought out the money from his pocket which was the fare.

The climax starts with this one. After getting the fare from his pocket, he gave it to the driver (but to the other passengers first because he was sitting far from the driver) saying, "Bayad nga po, Sangandaan, kasasakay lang."

When the fare reached the driver, the jeepney driver asked(for clarification), "Ilan ito?" Then the gay replied, "Sangandaan po, kasasakay lang."

The driver asked again, "Ilan ito?" The gay answered in reply, "Sangandaan nga po, kasasakay lang."

On the driver's third attempt to ask the passenger, he raised his voice saying, "Ilan nga ito?!?!"
Then the gay replied with a loud voice with these words: "Sanagandaan nga po, kasasakay lang, ISA LANG! Kanina ko pa po sinasabi, bakit kailangan niyo pang sumigaw!"

I thought of saying, "Ngayon niyo lang po sinabi na isa lang, puro Sangandaan at kasasakay lang yung sinasagot niyo kanina sa driver kaya nagtaas na po ng boses" but I chose to remain silent and laugh with my mind.

Definitely, this incident is an example of "M.U." which means "Malabong Usapan".