Words of a Typical Pinoy Regarding the Apple iPhone 3G

We can't deny that the Apple iPhone 3G is really a very nice gadget which everyone sought to have it. I, myself admits that I wish to have one but the only thing that stops me from doing so is the price. Imagine buying an Apple iPhone 3G which costs more or less Php50,000 is likely the same as sending your child to a prominent school for a one whole academic year.

In a third world country like the Philippines, an electronic device like that of the Apple iPhone 3G is just a luxury to some and is too expensive to acquire. Although I’m very much interested in having one, I still have to think about it several times because of the price and besides, I'm currently satisfied with my Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Having an Apple iPhone 3G will probably just add to my burdens particularly in my expenses.

Another disadvantage of having this kind of gadget is the rate of criminality in the country. Imagine having an iPhone with you and you walk down the streets of Manila, there is a very high chance that you will get mugged by those burglars whenever they saw you having that kind of expensive gadget.

We all know the truth that the Philippines is in the poverty line and it is really hard to earn as much money as you need in purchasing the iPhone. Lucky are those who can afford to have it because definitely, they belong to the upper class of the society.

So in my own opinion, the iPhone is just suitable for those socialites or rich guys who don’t have to worry regarding their expenses. But if you are vain of these technological stuffs, well I guess nobody could stop you from having this iPhone 3G, not even Typhoon Karen.